Hugseez wrap Carrier:

This 100% cotton, beautiful, durable and comfortable baby sling will make hands-free baby wearing easier for new moms and dads. The Hugseez baby carrier is so comfortable and secure for baby; and without any troublesome buckles, belts or rings, it’s the comfy choice for parents too. Baby wearing is not only convenient, it’s an amazing way to bond with your growing child. This Hugseez wrap is designed for little ones aged up to 18 months, keeping them close to their caregivers as they discover the world around them. Using this sling, you can hold baby in a variety of different ways, so you can decide what works best for both of you.

Benefits of the Hugseez baby carrier:

- A wrap made from a soft & comfortable cotton/ Lycra fabric blend

- Suitable for newborn - 18 months

- No buckles or rings; comfortable for mom & dad to wear

- Spreads weight evenly across upper body; no strain on the back or shoulders

- Supports baby’s back & hips

- Comfortable enough for baby to sleep in

- Allows for discreet breastfeeding


Why use a baby carrier?

There are so many benefits to baby wearing. In traditional African culture, carrying babies in slings has long been the norm – and more and more parents from other cultures are discovering the benefits for themselves:

- Unlike a stroller or removable car seat, baby slings give parents a hands-free way to take baby out & about.

- Slings give babies a better sense of security as they stay close to mom or dad while discovering the world.

- Carriers keep baby up at eye-level rather than down at knee-level; this makes communication easier with your little one & helps them learn.

- Babies worn in slings tend to fuss & cry less than those not carried in slings.

- Baby slings are amazing bonding tools, keeping little ones close to the bodies of their caregivers, helping them feel safe & loved.


There are three comfortable ways to hold baby in the Hugseez carrier:

- Newborn hold

- Cradle hold

- Cuddle hold


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