A Bath lilo can be used during your baby’s bath time and can be conveniently stored in your bathroom. It does not take up much space and is made from materials that dry quickly. Simply hang it up to dry after a bath and it will be ready to use in time for the next wash. The benefits of having a bath lilo: • It has been designed with comfort and safety in mind; keeping the child’s head above the water and body partly submerged in water. The material used is durable and made to feel soft on a baby’s young and delicate skin. • Parents need not worry about the baby submerging in water because the bath lilo was designed to float and therefore your hands can be used to wash and play with the baby instead of holding the baby into position the whole time. • The bath lilo has turned bath times into play time. Most babies enjoy being in water and tend to cry when it is time to get dry and get dressed. This handy bath accessory can assist parents with safeguarding the baby. However, it is important to stress that parents should not move away and pay attention to something else leaving the baby unwatched in the water. Accidents can happen. • This bath accessory is easy to clean and store. The Bath lilo is made from material that need little care and dry easy. After use, you can hang it to drip dry and it will be perfectly safe to use again. • Using a bath lilo offers absolute convenience and peace of mind for parents. It ensures your child’s safety while offering a relaxing bath.