Ask any mother what the best feeling in the world is and they will without fail tell you that holding their baby in their arms is a feeling that compares to none. But the reality of most working mothers is that soon after the baby is born they are thrust back into the humdrum routine of daily life and having those special moments with baby becomes more difficult.

The invention of baby wearing units like baby carriers has been a godsend for mothers of new born babies because although your child is still extremely dependent on you, the reality is that you still need to complete everyday tasks. Baby wearing really is for the benefit of you and for the benefit of the baby.

In the days and weeks following birth there is nothing baby needs more than to be close to mom and hear her heart beat like he did in the womb. The contact with the mother is usually able to calm the baby far better than any contraption available on the market. Mom is easily able to cook dinner, wash dishes or do laundry all while wearing baby is on her chest.

The moments you share with baby are vital to their development. Having them so close to you will allow you to talk to and teach them about the new world they are experiencing on a daily basis. Each new sight, smell and sound will be experienced with the comfort of having their parent loving at their side.

Baby wearing also offers you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your baby is at all times. You might be running errands or doing chores but the reassurance that baby is sleeping restfully in your arms gives you the confidence boost of knowing that being a mom you really can do it all.

Having a baby carrier will ensure that you and your baby can enjoy those intimate moments where your child falls asleep on your chest and you have that sweet baby smell right under your nose. A baby wearing unit really is an investment in for you and baby.