Motherhood comes with great pressure, mostly self-imposed to have everything perfect for your new baby. Every mother wants to see her baby content and sleeping well, but this is not always the case. In fact more often than not, particularly in those early weeks and months, baby just wants to be close to mom and if not, is found fretting and not sleeping well at all! Noret, co-founder and co-owner of BabyLegends says that after her baby was born, she soon realised her sweet little boy certainly did not sleep as the many books that she had read, said he should be. Never one to just leave things be, Noret set out to do some research on finding out what would be best for her baby in terms of getting him to sleep better.

She tried using two of the baby carriers that had been given to her by friends, but found them both uncomfortable and restrictive. Noret had also read a few reviews on baby wraps and when she found it almost impossible to purchase one for herself, decided along with her sister and business partner, Ereen, that it was time to make their own. Noret firmly believes that every mother should own a baby wrap and with this in mind, set out to find the best possible fabric and design to ensure not only are they affordable, but more importantly, easily accessible. And so, Baby Legends was founded.

The Hugseez as it is now fondly known, is manufactured locally and is currently available online, but because Noret and Ereen are so passionate about this amazing product, they plan to have their Hugseez available in retail outlets quite soon. The benefits of baby wrap carriers are enormous. Being so comfortable and easy to use, you will be able to carry on with your daily tasks whilst your baby sleeps close to your heart. What a beautiful way to assist with bonding with your beautiful bundle of joy! And because the Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier creates a sense of safety and security for your baby, you will find that he/she will fuss much less.

The Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier is so soft, sitting both tight and snug, making baby comfortable enough to assist with sleep, especially when they are fretful and having difficulty sleeping. With our comfortable Hugseez there is no better way to raise our children to become BabyLegends.

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