Our Story

After my baby was born, I soon realized that this sweet little boy of mine does not sleep as all the books told us. I did some research to find out what I can do to get my baby boy in a better sleeping routine. I read a couple of reviews on baby wearing and all the benefits, but the biggest problem was which of the many carriers on the market will be the best for me and baby. I got 2 baby carriers from friends, but it was very uncomfortable, then I heard about the baby wrap. I received one and it was so nice and comfortable, I thought that every mother should own one.  I however found it difficult to get hold of another at a descent price. 

This is how BabyLegends was founded. My sister and I decided that we will try our hand at manufacturing baby wraps at a decent price. So I shopped around for some fabric and we started to manufacture the baby wrap, that we called the Hugseez. We decided to rather make it affordable and accessible for all new mommies, as this is a MUST HAVE on any mommies list, doesn’t matter if it is your fist baby or fourth baby.

With our comfortable Hugseez there is no better way to raise our children to become BabyLegends.